Surgical Gown - Ultra Performance

R 1,653.00
SKU: 310-FBGL001

Recyclable laminate fabrics are manufactured by bonding a breathable membrane between 2 layers of textiles and coating the resulting product with a fluid proof solution for guaranteed waterproof protection. The membrane enables the laminated fabric to be waterproof from the outside while at the same time allowing perspiration to pass through from the inside.


  • Total barrier to blood and body fluids
  • Sterility
  • Excellent durability (through laundering process where applicable)
  • High breathability and comfort
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Environmentally friendly
(Barrier reinforced throughout) 100% PES / PU Membrane 3-ply laminate & 98% PES MircoFibre / 2% Anti-static Carbon-Fibre for superior protection in high risk, high fluid conditions.