TTA Rapid Cages


The lattice found in the TTA Rapid cages is bound on 4 sides by an anatomically shaped, rigid shell of the same material with one side carrying lugs with screw holes in them...
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...With the lattice, cage and screw lugs being one piece, the cages are very stable in situ. The constructs are so stable that auxiliary implants such as plates, wires, forks and staples are rarely indicated. This has a number of benefits: Reduced morbidity and biological cost that may be associated with the dissection and placement of additional implants. Reduced potential for cold conduction with superficially sited metallic implants.Fewer additional holes created in the tibial diaphysis which may contribute to crack propagation and failure of the tibial shaft. Metals of different electro-potentials are avoided in the same construct. Theoretically this reduces the potential for galvanic corrosion to occur (all components are titanium). Simplified inventory management. Potential time savings in the placement of implants. Please note that 2.4mm Titanium screws are used for the standard TTAR cage and 2.0mm titanium screws for the Petite cage.

R 3,825.00
SKU: RL132-0015-28