Steinmann Pin

Steinmann Intra-Medullary Pins

Simple, cheap and often the best technique for the repair of long bones. I/M pinning does not resist compression and rotation very effectively. It may be helpful to add an external fixator for two weeks if in any doubt. Smooth Pins are most likely to migrate. The Threaded Pins are negatively cut and do reduce backing out particularly if the distal fragment is small. Our Trochar tips are designed to cut bone but care must be exercised to avoid heat necrosis during insertion. Can be cut in half to produce cheap ESF pins. Most Pin Chucks will only take 1/4” pins.* Do not purchase a 5/16” Pin unless you have a Chuck to insert it. Use 1.0mm wire minimum as a cerclage.

R 100.00
SKU: KW30-310