Kirschner Wire 230mm

Wires & Pins
Wires are simple, but very versatile implants. Our specially selected stainless steel wires are both very hard and very stiff improving their driving characteristics and performance in situ. Cutting with sufficiently robust implant cutters with hard jaws is obligatory. These wires will damage cutters with stainless steel edges, eg: combined wire twisters/
shear cutters.

Rather like small Intra-medullary Pins, K-Wires have trochar points at each end. They are used for the fixation of small bone fragments, produced either electively or as a result of trauma, e.g. distal femoral fractures, tibial crest transplants and femoral neck fractures. 125mm Long. Supplied in packs of ten.

R 251.00
SKU: KW08-230/5