Cortical Self-tapping SS Screws - Hexagonal Head (4.5mm/5.5mm)

The 4.5mm standard human cortical screw is suitable for very large dogs and equines. Because it is a human product made in large numbers, 4.5mm screws are relatively inexpensive. Drill data: Pilot Drill 3.2mm Clearance Drill 4.5mm

The 5.5mm Cortical Screw is suitable for equines. Nearly twice as strong as 4.5mm Cortical Screws. Use with 4.5mm plates. Drill data: Pilot Drill 4.0mm, Clearance Drill 5.5mm

Use of Self Tapping Screws can save considerable time and trauma. Reduc. . .

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SKU: RL245-145-14