Locking Plates LeiLox 2.0/3.5mm Systems

LeiLOX 2.0/3.5 Locking System.

Multi axial Locking; The screws can be locked in 90° angle with a 12° deviation in any direction. This allows you to angle specific screws away from vital structures. The robust stardrive screw head locks firmly into the plate.

Straight Plates; Straight plates are needed in strong bones that face high forces. With our bending irons, they can be bent vertically. Straight plates feature limited contact dynamic compression to minimize vascular damage to the plated bone segment.

Interchangeable 2.7 & 3.5mm Screws; Because the screw heads are identical, all stainless steel 2.7/3.5 LeiLOX plates (TPLO and fracture systems) work with 2.7mm as well as 3.5mm screws in all plate sizes. This offers flexibility and saves on inventory cost.

R 1,313.00
SKU: RL142-3020-04