Locking Plates LeiLox MicroLocking Systems

R 789.00
SKU: RL142-0215-04

LeiLOX 1.5 / 2.0 Titanium Locking Fracture System for cats and small dogs. Accidents happen. And you, as a surgeon, are often required to fix complex fractures. Our 1.5/2.0 locking plate system features 32 different plates, making it the most flexible titanium locking system for small animals. The system can handle both simple and complex fractures.

Titanium: Best Biocompatibility. Unique Titanium Alloy makes our implants very strong, resistant and lightweight, which is ideal for small animals. Titanium offers advantages in biocompatibility, extreme temperatures and weight.

All-in-One Set. LeiLOX 1.5/2.0 is the “swiss army knife” for micro fractures: it contains not only (cuttable) standard plates, but also unique shapes for complex anatomy, in a compact instrument set.

Various Applications; With more than 32 different plates, LeiLOX 1.5/2.0 is the perfect solution to treat a wide variety of fracture cases:Y-Plates, L-Plates, Bridge-Plates, Standard-Plates and Cuttable 20-hole Plates offer plenty of possibilities: from maxillofacial and pelvic fractures, to the fixation of long tubular bones.

Stardrive Screws; All of our locking screwheads are stardrive, which allows for better tightening torque than hexagonal screwheads. Additionally, you do not need a separate holding sleeve if you use a screwdriver shaft from Rita Leibinger. The screwdriver shaft is self-holding and keeps the screws firmly on the driver.