Stifle Distractors

R 5,502.00
SKU: VI001112/L

Designed to separate the femoral component of the stifle from the tibia. For the best exposure joint surfaces should move away from each other in a parallel fashion exposing The meniscus in its natural state and minimally distorted by the examination.

• One tip is placed in the inter-condylar notch
• The other on the cranial inter-condylar area.
• Neither tip should involve articular cartilage.
• Test distractions (by squeezing the handles) to find the exact point at
which a full distraction will expose the meniscus.
• Engage the spinlock to open the joint.
Distractor is self-retaining. When closed the tips overlap making the points atraumatic as they enter the joint and reduce their profile for insertion into the joint.