Firefly Wireless Otoscope

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SKU: VI014124

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FireFly Instrument Set (2 instruments)

FireFly is the industry’s first Wireless High Precision Digital Video Otoscope with image and video capture capabilities. It provides unprecedented accuracy in observing the ear canal. This is a powerful tool which can be used to aid and record both medical and surgical examinations as well as improving client compliance as they will be able to see the problem for themselves. The FireFly Extended Speculae Set consists of 6 x Aluminium Speculums in a presentation case. One Speculum contains a working channel for use with the FireFly Malleable Instruments. The FireFly Instrument Set contains Malleable Grasping Forceps and Malleable Biopsy Forceps which have longer shafts for use with the extended length FireFly Speculae. The Instrument Set is presented in a Stainless Steel Case with Liner.