Threaded Pins & Wires 300mm Length

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SKU: VI090080

Threaded Pins and Wires

Threaded Wires have a much greater pull out resistance than smooth wires. They are very easy to insert using Standard Drills fitted with Jacobs Chucks or Wire Drivers. Although having only trochar tips they will self tap in all but the hardest of cortical bone. Driven across fragments, threaded wires act as mini position screws which can be cut off flush to
the bone surface or buried. It may be possible to place several Threaded Wires at angles to each other in a relatively small area. Available in Coarse or Fine Thread pitches. Use the coarse in cancellous or metaphyseal bone.

Use Threaded Pins where you might use a 2mm fixation screw or ‘K’ Wire, e.g. tibial crest
transplant. Drive in with slow speed drill. Relatively coarse threads. 0.8mm thread pitch.