2.0/2.4 LeiLOX Instrument Set

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2.0/2.4 LeiLOX Instrument Set Stock available from supplier. Ships from us in 20 to 27 days. Due to Covid 19, shipping could be delayed. Please bear with us while we blitz through our backlog.

LeiLOX 2.0/2.4 Locking System with Multiaxial Locking

The screws can be locked in 90° angle with a 12° deviation in any direction. This allows you to angle specific screws away from vital structures. The robust Stardrive screw head locks firmly into the plate.

2.0/2.4 Straight Implant Set

1 Straight Implant Tray
1 of each Plate
(24 pieces. total)
5 of each 2.0 Locking Screw
(6-30mm, 65 pieces.)
5 of each 2.4 Locking Screw
(6-40mm, 90 pieces.)