TTA Rapid Loan Set

R 1,500.00

How does ssLOAN work?

NB. The ssLOAN fee excludes implants used, drill bits & saws.

The question of whether it is economical to purchase an implant system arises particularly for indications that are encountered infrequently. For the veterinary surgeon the answer would probably be in the affirmative, because the best possible system is preferred when the exceptional situation is encountered.

Our ssLOAN loan sets represent an attractive alternative for the veterinary hospital.

We offer several systems that have been confirmed complete and functional on a rental basis. The veterinary hospital does not have the capital cost of purchase nor is it responsible for the maintenance and storage of the systems. On availability, loan sets can be reserved up to as little as 24 hours before starting the surgery, depending on the location of your practice. Our ssLOAN loan set service offers you the option to order implants and instruments for scheduled surgeries which we deliver and collect according to an agreed timeline.

Loan Kits:

TTA Rapid Loan Kit

LeiLOX 1.5 / 2.0 Micro-Locking System Loan Kit

LeiLOX 2.7/3.5 Straight Implant Loan Kit

LeiLOX 2.7/3.5 Reconstruction Implant Loan Kit

AO 2.7/3.5 Plating Loan Kit